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Andrew Knapp- Tuba, Baritone/Euphonium, Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Piano, Guitar, Bass, & Ukulele

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For nearly 25 years, it has been my joy and my privilege to be an active music teacher in Iowa City and Coralville. I began teaching trombone (my major instrument in college), and since graduating from the University of Iowa with a music degree in 2006, I have added the rest of the brass family, piano, guitar, other fretted strings, and music theory to my offerings of lessons. I have been around the making and teaching of music literally since I was born, growing up in a home where my mother taught voice lessons. For me it has always been every bit as rewarding to see a music student overcome challenges and unlock their potential as it is to learn and play music itself.


Early childhood experiences grew to piano lessons, then trombone, guitar, and a lifetime of musical study. I began building my music studio my senior year of high school, growing my enrollment throughout college and in the nearly 20 years since. I have deepened my love for teaching and constantly worked to refine my skills as both a musician and as a teacher. My musical experiences include concert bands, jazz bands, orchestras, combos for musicals and dance groups, and small performing ensembles in chamber, jazz, and rock genres. While I have typically been the section leader, I have played almost every musical role at some point or another. I have also been enjoying building my choral experience since 2017.


As a teacher, I have been so fortunate to work with students ranging in age from single digits into the 60’s. Many of my students have found rewarding experiences in honor bands like All State, SEIBA, NEIBA, U of I, Marion, etc. Some have even gone on to major in music in college. However, my greatest satisfaction is always derived from helping each individual student cultivate a lifelong relationship with music.


Please feel free to ask any other questions about my history! I’ll happily tell you about the first trombone lesson I taught… when I was seventeen… to a Honduran high school music teacher… using my second-year Spanish! Or I can tell you how I use my experience teaching Kung Fu or ballroom dance to make me more versatile and empathetic towards all of my music students. Music has been a part of my life since before I was born, and I hope to help each of my students connect with music as deeply as I do.

Teaching Philosophy

In musical performance, I have only one rule: Eventually, you will be accountable to your audience. Keeping that fact in mind, the possibilities for exploration are endless! As long as we are respectfully seeking to listen and to be heard, I will meet my students where they are and guide them to where they wish to be to the best of my ability.


Over the years, my students have told me that something which makes me unique as a teacher is that I integrate a wide range of skills and areas of learning into music lessons. Many of my students have looked to me as both an instructor and as a mentor. My teaching style draws from athletics, language, martial arts, dance... my experiences in these other arenas have kept my work tremendously rewarding by helping me to connect with a wide variety of learners.


I am a music teacher because I want to share the benefits of music which are most helpful to each individual student. I think of my students as complete human beings with their own lives and needs beyond our time together. I work to guide my students to the musical pursuits which best support their physical, mental, and personal goals.

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