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Christopher Eck- Guitar,
Ukulele, Mandolin, and Banjo


Teaching Philosophy

My main goal as a teacher is to help people of all ages, levels, abilities and backgrounds experience joy in music. We focus on fundamentals of technique and understanding the instrument because these are essential to success. We also take a project-based approach that is built through pursuing the student's individual interests and following their own inspiration. With a balance of traditional learning methods and personal motivation, lessons are about more than just teaching a student to play - they are about enriching people's lives and enabling them to find true expression in the world.



Christopher Eck has been teaching guitar and other fretted strings for over 25 years. He has diverse musical experiences in all genres (rock, country, folk, jazz, classical, et al) and a focus in his own playing on fingerstyle guitar. His teaching career has also been diverse, with many years of working experience in classrooms, libraries, studios and just about anywhere there is musical inspiration to be shared.


Chris studied Music Theory and Composition at Cloud County College in Kansas and also has a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Iowa. He has achieved various educational credentials and views teaching as a wonderful privilege. As a lifelong musician and teacher, sharing creative enrichment is his personal and professional focus.

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"As a gifted musician, Chris has been a true light in my children’s lives. Patient and skilled at connecting with others, Chris is excellent at meeting a student where they are in any given moment. This has fostered my children’s love of music, allowing them to explore it freely and openly. He’s truly a gem!"


- Molly Y.

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