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About Us 



We are four musicians that love teaching music and love making music. We are leaders in music education and producers of collaborative art. We can’t express how much we love what we do. Previously, we had completely independent studios that we ran in a way that worked well for our teaching style and our lifestyles. 


Then, 2020 happened and everything changed. Due to Covid-19, the facility we were renting to run our studios closed down for several months. We had to jump into a virtual world of lessons and do our best to maintain relationships with our students. Some students just weren’t able to continue with lessons. The concept of creating any kind of live music with another human was put on hold for an indefinite amount of time.  


When restrictions finally started to lift, we realized that the independent teaching studio facade no longer worked for our needs and our ambitions. We wanted to collaborate with strong like-minded musicians to create something wonderful. Thus, we decided to start a new adventure!


In 2021 we created Dynamic Music Studios. A group of music studios created by musicians, for musicians. At Dynamic Music Studios, we strive to connect with each student and teach to their individual needs so that they can become the musicians they want to be. We aim to challenge our students and ourselves to excel and work outside our comfort zones.  We want our students to be authentic to who they are as a person and musician.  


We are proud of the musical community and family we are creating. Educating, empowering, and emboldening musicians of all types in a supportive and creative environment run by strong female businesswomen.


Our Mission


Leaders in music education, producers of collaborative art, and visionaries in business for the private studio. 


Fostering a lifelong appreciation of music. 


Dynamic Music Studios’ purpose is to create a strong sense of community that is led by strong female musicians who work as a cohesive unit. 


Collaboration is a key component of our mission as musicians, teachers, and community members.


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