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Celebrating our seniors

While it is always bittersweet to see students move on, but we are so excited for our recent graduates!

Alexandra (Lexi) Baty - voice student of Dr. Jessica Saunders. Lexi is going to Cotty College to major in Psychology and move on to become a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. She graduated from Clear Creek Amana High School and has been a voice student with Dr. Saunders for nearly 9 years!

Isaac Howe - cello student of Christina Gentzsch. Isaac is going to Rutgers University to major in Business and Finance. Isaac graduated from West High School.

Elizabeth (Beth) Poe - voice student of Dr. Jessica Saunders. Beth is going to St. Louis University to major in Education. Beth Graduated from Regina Catholic High School.

We have watched you grow up and become amazing people. Now you are off to do amazing things and we are incredibly proud of you!

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Congrats to all! My amazing guitar student Lilli will also be entering Kirkwood in the Fall as a first year music student! I'm so proud of them, and all of our studio friends.

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