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Games During Music Lessons

Games during lessons help students improve and grow. We all like to have fun, right? Why not have a fun enjoyable music lesson? I love to incorporate games at the ends of my lessons, especially for younger students. The games give students a chance to review and learn concepts such as key order, key signature, reading notes on the staff, music symbols, etc. It helps solidify concepts we have been working on in a fun way. It is highly motivating to students. They work hard during their lesson and at the end they get to look forward to a game. Many students request a favorite game over and over.

Games are a fun way to continue the learning process. Students are excited about games and it is often their favorite part of the lesson. I highly recommend adding games to liven up your lessons, add some variety and motivate your students to continue learning while having fun! Note to any music teachers: One of my favorite resources for games is Susan Paradis. Her website has so many resources including a lot of fun games!

Sarah Beckelheimer teaches piano at Dynamic Music Studios and is also a co-owner.

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