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Student Spotlight: Bradley McNaughton


Why did you decide to start lessons?

Becasue I like music.

How long have you been taking lessons?

10 months

Do you play any other instruments?

No, but I do like the violin.

How often do you practice?

5 or 6 days a week

What is one of your favorite pieces you have learned so far?

Old MacDonald Had a Song

What advice do you have for other musicians studying your instrument?

I would say congratulations.

What do you enjoy about lessons?

I like the games we play.

What do you like about Dynamic Music Studios?

I like the decorations, especially the pumpkins.

What goals do you have for lessons?

To learn lots of songs.

What is your favorite musical/orchestral work/piano piece/artist/favorite songs?

I like the song "I'm a Gummy Bear".

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