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Student Spotlight: Hannah Hotsenpiller

Hannah is a viola student of Christina Mixemong and a Sophomore at Iowa City West High School.

Why did you start lessons?

I started playing flute in 5th grade because playing music sounded fun. Flute wasn’t fun though. I didn’t like the flute from the person next to me hitting my head.

How long have you been taking lessons?

Viola since June 2022

Do you play any other instruments?

Started on flute in 5th grade. Then I switched to cello because orchestra seemed fun and a cello wouldn’t hit my head.

How often do you practice?

Every day!

What is one of your favorite pieces?

I like learning challenging pieces.

What advice do you have for other musicians studying your instrument?

Make sure your intonation and posture are good. Make sure you take breaks if you feel pain.

What do you enjoy about lessons?

I like talking to my teacher about anything and then also getting help learning music.

What do you like about DMS?

I like that it is an independent company – a small locally owned business where the teachers are owners.

What goals do you have for lessons?

I want to play my best. I want to play a variety of music with others.

What is your favorite musical?

What is a musical? I play viola.

What are some other activities in which you participate?

I like using free and open-sourced software.

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