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Student Spotlight: Jayce Norpel

Why did you decide to start lessons?

My Mom asked me and I said yes.

How long have you been taking lessons?

7 years

Do you play any other instruments?


How often do you practice?

30 minutes a day

What is one of your favorite pieces you have learned so far?

Bohemian Rhapsody

After taking lessons for 7 years what advice do you have for other musicians studying your instrument?

Practice your music consistently.

What do you enjoy about lessons?

Being able to learn new things that I couldn't have learned online.

What do you like about Dynamic Music Studios?

It's small and new and nice.

What goals do you have for lessons?

To perfect the music I work on.

What is your favorite musical/orchestral work/piano piece/artist/favorite songs? Ruckus by Randall Stantridge is my favorite Orchestral piece.

What do you feel like you're taking away from lessons after taking for 7 years? Better typing, better hand/eye coordination, appreciation for music.

What is something you will miss about taking lessons?

Playing in recitals.

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