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Benefits of Group Music Class

Have you ever wondered if group music class is a good option? Why do it? There are many great reasons to join a group class. The first is the social aspect and learning together.

I teach a beginner piano group class at DMS. The students start out the class playing songs they have practiced for each other.

It is a good experience to hear other students play and also get a chance to "perform" in front of your peers.

Another great benefit is all of us playing our songs together. It takes a lot of focus to keep the rhythm together with all 4 of us playing. After we play a song together, the 3 students will play the song while I play the duet part. The students love this!! It is great ear training and a chance to perform as a group.

With a group class, you have the chance to do fun group activities and games that reinforce music concepts. One of my piano Student's favorite games is racing to the top of a giant music staff on a carpet. We move up or down by steps and skips on the staff.

All in all, group class has social, emotional and musical benefits. In a group class, everyone wins!

Group piano classes are taught by Sarah Beckelheimer our piano instructor at Dynamic Music Studios in Coralville, IA

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