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Dynamic Music Studios Performs at Iowa State Fair

Our studio had the awesome opportunity to perform at the State Fair this August. This is our 3rd year that we have taken students to perform there. We provide all students the opportunity to participate in this performance.

This year our performance was on the Bill Riley stage. We had 2 piano students, 2 voice students, 3 cello students and a violin student perform. Most of the students did solo performances and/or duets.

Some of the songs performers did were "Put on a Happy Face" (voice), "Let it Go" from Frozen (violin) to classical music and also a song from a popular video game song. We also do a group performance every year. We have faculty and any students who are interested join this song. This year our song was "What a Wonderful World".

All in all, it was a great performance opportunity for our studio. We all enjoyed ourselves and got to enjoy the State Fair as well.

Check out our group performance:

Sarah Beckelheimer is co-owner and piano faculty at Dynamic Music Studios in Coralville, Iowa.

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