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Getting back into the swing of things

As the new school year commences I always look forward to goal setting in my voice studio and learning what my students who took the summer off have been up to. Some students have continued goals of expanding their range, learning to read music, or strengthening their belting. Others want to learn new repertoire or just enjoy their lessons. Regardless, I think it is a fantastic opportunity to do a little goal setting so that teachers and students have an idea about expectations in the studio. While the goals are great to have, keep in mind that they might not be fulfilled in only a few months or a year, but by saying them out loud it helps us recognize what we want out of lessons.

I also enjoy hearing what students are listening to, as many have discovered a new artist or musical over the summer. (Most of my new music listening includes Blippi songs and the Laurie Berkner Band as that is what my toddler enjoys). This is also a way I have learned about some amazing singers and songs that I would never have known about without my student’s help!

So I would love to hear some of your musical goals for the fall and learn about what new artists (or old artists you still love) you have been listening to!

Here are mine:

New singing goal for the year: “Recoup the strength in my pelvic floor after having a baby and learn a new song by an indie folk singer.”

What I have been listening to: Joni Mitchell, Keane, Mean Girls the Musical, Aida the Musical, Martina McBride, Laurie Berkner (I highly recommend Shake Your Body Down, The Goldfish Song, and We Are the Dinosaurs).

Dr. Jessica Saunders teaches voice at Dynamic Music Studios and is a co-owner of the studio.

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