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Student Spotlight: Ciaran Stuart-Maver

Why did you decide to start lessons? My mom wanted me to learn an instrument and the violin seemed interesting.

How long have you been taking lessons? 5 years

Do you play any other instruments? Trombone & a little piano and didgeridoo

How often do you practice? Almost every day

What is one of your favorite pieces you have learned so far? Wohlfahrt Etudes

What advice do you have for other musicians studying your instrument? Practice helps a lot. If I didn’t practice I’d probably still be in book 1

What do you enjoy about lessons? Spending time with Christina. And playing my songs as best as I can.

What do you like about Dynamic Music Studios? I like being able to see you even though I’m all the way in California.

What goals do you have for lessons? Get really good at violin

What is your favorite musical/orchestral work/piano piece/artist? I love video game music.

What are some other activities in which you participate? I have gone whale watching 6 times since moving to California.

**Ciaran is a virtual student of Christina Mixemong (co-owner/viola and violin faculty) through Dynamic Music Studios in Coralville, Iowa.

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