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Student Spotlight: Emily Ding

Why did you decide to start lessons? Because I really liked singing, so I wanted to get better at it.

How long have you been taking lessons? One year

Do you play any other instruments? Violin and piano

How often do you practice? I practice like 30 minutes a day, but I also sing in

the shower. I like doing that because it is fun.

What is one of your favorite pieces you have learned so far? Sayonara

What advice do you have for other musicians studying your instrument? Probably not to be nervous when you go on stage and try your best and the audience will love that.

What do you enjoy about lessons? You get to improve and learn from your mistakes while making a new friend.

What do you like about Dynamic Music Studios? It is really colorful and fun to be at. I like the mural that we just got.

What goals do you have for lessons? To improve at head voice singing.

What is your favorite musical/orchestral work/piano piece/artist? I really like the musical Hamilton, it is really fun and I used to listen to it in the car all the time.

What are some other activities in which you participate? I play tennis and I really like doing art. I love doing theatre, I do musical theatre and acting at Nolte. In my free time I like writing stories and have participated in a couple of creative writing competitions.

Check out Emily singing Sayonara here:

**Emily is a voice student of Dr. Jessica Saunders (Voice faculty/co-owner) at Dynamic Music Studios in Coralville, Iowa.

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