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Student Spotlight: Lauretta Kelley

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Lauretta is an adult piano student studying with Sarah Beckelheimer at Dynamic Music Studios in Coralville.

Why did you decide to take lessons as an adult?

"I’d like to learn piano before I die. It’s on my bucket list."

How long have you been taking piano?

"3 months"

Did you take lessons as a child?


How much do you practice?

"5-6 days a week."

What is one of your favorite songs you have learned so far?

" “Ode to Joy” by Beethoven."

What advice do you have for younger students?

"Make piano as serious a study as possible. Life goes by too quickly."

What do you enjoy about taking lessons?

"Everyday there is music being played in my house. It makes me happy and also any guests I have over feel happy and joyful."

What do you like about Dynamic Music Studios?

"The location is convenient and my teacher is very thoughtful. She also enjoys visiting with a 5 year old violin student she has befriended. Their lessons are at the same time so they met in our waiting room."

What goals do you have for piano?

"I would like to play like Oscar Peterson."

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