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Title: Honoring Inspiring Women: The Stories Behind Our Studio Names

Here at our music studio, we have dedicated each of our five teaching studios to remarkable women who left an indelible mark on us, not just musically, but as inspiring individuals who touched our lives in unique ways. These women's legacies live on through our studios, and we want to share their stories with you.

1. Alice Golden: A Musical Muse

Alice Golden, born on July 24, 1946, in Iowa City, was a beloved figure at West Music, where she taught piano for many years and where all of the Dynamic Music Studio Owners taught with her. Her warm smile and dedication to her students made her not just a teacher but a cherished friend to many. Alice's love for nature was evident in her work at the Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center in Wolf Lake, Indiana, where she taught children about the wonders of the natural world. She treasured her family and friends, and her passion for music, literature, and the arts was truly inspiring.

2. Georgia Malaktaris: The Power of Unconditional Love

Georgia Malaktaris, affectionately known as Yiayia (Greek for grandmother), was born in 1934 in Rochester, MN. She had a deep love for music, having studied the violin in her youth. Throughout her life, Yiayia's unwavering support and unconditional love were the cornerstones of her family's strength. She instilled in her children and grandchildren the importance of love, acceptance, and the value of every individual. Naming a studio after her reflects the welcoming and loving environment we aim to create for our students.

3. Kari Saunders: Advocating for Children

Kari Saunders was a dedicated advocate for children, spending most of her life in careers that helped young ones. From running an in-home daycare to working with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, her commitment to the well-being of children was unwavering. Kari's love for her family and her passion for music were at the forefront of her life. Her legacy of love and support of Jessica’s musical aspirations in one Jessica hopes topass on to her own children.

4. Lylah Lehmann: The Educational Trailblazer

Lylah Lehmann, born in 1917 on a Minnesota farm, defied the odds and pursued her dream of becoming a teacher. She paid her own way through college, taught in a one-room schoolhouse, and continued to tutor students even during her retirement. Lylah's passion for education and love for her family were infectious, and she inspired her grandchildren to follow their dreams. Her artistic talents and storytelling abilities left a lasting impression, making her the perfect namesake for a studio dedicated to nurturing the love of music and learning.

5. Virginia Crick: Embracing Life's Joys

Virginia Crick, lovingly known as Grammy, lived life to the fullest. She balanced elegance with ruggedness, holding diverse roles from being a police officer to selling Mary Kay products. She was active in her community and a supporter of the arts. Grammy's resilience in the face of adversity and her boundless love for family and music continue to influence us. She made every effort to attend her grandchildren's musical performances, leaving us with cherished memories of singing carols around the piano.

These incredible women have shaped our lives and the environment in which we teach and learn music. Each studio door is adorned with a QR code, inviting you to explore more about their remarkable stories. We hope that by sharing their legacies, we can inspire the next generation of musicians and individuals to embrace their passions, show unwavering love, and make the most of life's joys.

Dr. Jessica Saunders is co-owner and voice instructor at Dynamic Music Studios in Coralville, IA.

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