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Top Five Holiday Gifts for Singers

  1. Bluetooth speaker: This is great for student singers who use accompaniment racks at home. Your phone speaker isn’t loud enough to sing over. Plus you have the added bonus of being able to listen to your favorite music on a quality speaker!

  2. Phone/camera tripod: This is great for self tapes or if you need to do a virtual lesson on your phone. No propping your phone on books or pillows, or weird chin angles!

  3. Tickets to a live performance/ Whether it’s a community theatre production, symphony, Taylor Swift concert (like anyone can get tickets), or a professional tour, live performance is one of the most valuable learning tools to any performer. Plus when you see local talent you are directly supporting their art.

  4. Gift cards for sheet music or accompaniment websites. Some of my favorites are Musicnotes, Sheet Music Direct, or Pianotrax for accompaniments!

  5. Singing straw: Straw work is very popular in voice lessons and super helpful. You can purchase nice reusable straws or a fancy singing straw!

Bonus: All singers really should have a music stand too!

Dr. Jessica Saunders teaches voice at Dynamic Music Studios and is a co-owner of the studio.

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